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Why Farma Pet Water?

Chemical free, super hydrating, non-smelling, safe drinking water for your pet.

Nothing is more essential to a pet than fresh water.
A pet’s body is more than 80 percent water.
Hydrationis vital for all animals and helps with digestion and circulation, as well as other functions.


Benefits of Farma Pet Water

Over (8) years of independent clinical studies have demonstrated the
following benefits:

  • Improved water solubility and ultimate bioavailability.
  • Acts as a hydrating agent, detoxifier and antioxidant.
  • Increased surface area that makes it a more effective transport system of vitamins and minerals throughout the intestinal tract.
  • Hydrates cells in pets better than normal drinking water because molecules are smaller and more easily absorbed.
  • Reduced occurrence of infections.
  • No damage to healthy human and animal cells.

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Nanobubbles™ are nanoscopic sized gaseous bubbles, which are low in buoyancy with high internal pressure, allowing vast concentrations to be suspended in water.  This imparts significant process ability enhancements to the water’s chemical and mechanical properties.  Therefore Nanobubbles generation and usage, gives water highly functional properties that are not found in “normal water”.

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