What Is Farmapet Water?

Nothing is more essential to a pet than fresh water.
A pet’s body is more than 80 percent water. Hydration is vital for all animals and helps with digestion and circulation, as well as other functions. Not all pets will drink the amount of water needed to stay healthy. Animals can develop kidney and liver issues from lack of water, not to mention they need water just to stay cool.

Over (8) years of independent clinical studies have demonstrated the following benefits:

  • Improves calcium and protein bioavailability.
  • Increased surface area that makes it a more effective transport system of vitamins and minerals throughout the intestinal tract.
  • Hydrates cells in pets better than normal drinking water because molecules are smaller and more easily absorbed.
  • Reduced occurrence of infections.
  • Significantly reduction in ammonia produced in the urine.
  • Significantly reduction in body odor.

Why Farmapet?

FarmaPet Pet Water is a new colloidal dispersion of nano-particulates which gives the water highly functional properties. It enhances the water’s performance by completely changing the physico-chemical and physico-mechanical nature of the water without the use of chemicals. In doing so, the water takes on new advantages properties by lowering its interfacial tension and exponentially increasing its surface area. This enables significant improvement in the solubility and processing capabilities of the water.

What Makes Farmapet Water So Great?

We start with pre-filtered water to remove sediment, debris and/or iron from entering our water treatment system. The water is then fed though a meticulously engineered Nanobubble processor which utilizes hydrodynamic cavitation and shearing pressure to generate nanoscopic sized bubbles, lowering the Zeta Potential and changing the physico-chemical and physico-mechanical nature of the water.

The treated water is then processed through a bank of proprietary media filters which effectively remove contaminants not possible to filter out in traditional water filtration systems due to the increased suface area, growth of contaminant size and lower surface tension of the water. The effective removal of these containants deliver a chemical free, super hydrating, non-smelling, safe drinking water for your pet.

What Are Nanobubbles?

Nanobubbles are nanoscopic gaseous (typically air) cavities - ten thousand times smaller than a human hair - in aqueous solutions that have the ability to change the normal characteristics of water. Ordinary bubbles have a diameter which range from 1 µm and larger. These quickly rise to the surface of a liquid and collapse. Nanobubbles which are <100 nm in diameter will randomly drift owing to what is termed, Brownian Motion and can remain in liquids for an extended period of time.

How Are Nanobubbles Water Different?

Water that is processed through the Nanobubble generator creates a dispersion of paramagnetic oxygen nanobubbles, the presence of which gives the water highly functional properties that are not found in “normal” water. It is these characteristics that give the treated water its unique properties that make it extremely beneficial to your pet’s health.

Endotoxin free: <25 EU/ml of water by the LAL method, at point of bottling facility.

Meets all EPA Standards / Health Canada Drinking Water Guidelines and is 100% potable water.

Bubble Stability & Longevity

Based on the Young–Laplace equation, bubbles grow or shrink by diffusion based on whether the surrounding solution is over or under-saturated with gas relative to the cavities pressure. Since the solubility of gas is proportional to the gas pressure and this pressure is exerted by the surface tension in inverse proportion to the diameter of the bubble, the normal tendency is for bubbles to shrink in size and dissolve in a few microseconds. However, nanobubbles are observed in water for days.

The stability of nanobubbles is not well understood but is thought to be a balance of the van der Waal’s force of attraction and the electric double-layer force of repulsion between neighboring nanobubbles, with additional contributions from the virtual disappearance of buoyant force, bridging nanobubbles, entropic restriction, and fluid structuring.

The longevity factor of nanobubbles in water increases residence time of oxygen in the water and in doing so, directly impacts any type of aerobic or anaerobic interaction with viruses and bacteria.

Where To Buy?

Call us at the number below for information regarding the nearest retailer to you.

Available in 10L (2.64 gal).

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